Episode 5

The Wolf and the Lamb

Cover art from Episode 5

Final episode's cover shows a white butterfly glowing with a purple-blue gleam. White moths collected in previous episodes are the demons' souls in their disempowered form portrait in a sleeping face shown on the butterfly's back. The colorful aura refers to the parallel, imaginary world of Chris which is finally addressed and revealed in this episode.

Intro: Labyrinth to the House

When arriving through the mirror it breaks and there is no way back.

  • Walk through the labyrinth.
  • Watch the Wanderer who is very close to you now.
  • Find and take the yellow lantern.

Butterfly shortcuts

If you carry butterflies in the jar in your inventory you can release them at the hedge barrier near the path where the Wanderer walks. They will then open a shortcut which simplifies the way through the labyrinth.

  • To gain Unraveled Mystery kill all four spiders.
  • To gain The Dreaming Dead later, do not miss to click on the statue near the exit.
  • In front of the house look at the house and the sky.

Map of Garden
Map of Garden

House > Foyer

  • Move forward and slightly to the right to find the Cthulhu Statue and collect the piece of map by clicking twice on it. The Dreaming Dead
  • Read the diary page found in the dresser. Arcane poetry It tells a story about a giant disturbing a jungle, which reflects Chris' journey and mentions the ingredient Roots..
  • Exit through the door toward the cellar.

Diary Pages

The dreamer's diary pages describe various surreal dreams. These dreams are hints from Chris' subconscious mind that reflect the 5 essentials of life (see personas) and list the essences needed for brewing the night vision drink.

House > Cellar

  • Click on the Cthulhu statue for The Dreaming Dead.
  • Still carrying the lamp, walk down the stairs.
  • Walk around and find the gas bottle.
  • Depending on your previous decisions Gara may be found in the next room. Talk to Gara.
  • Inspect the environment, the tool cabinet, the sink and tub.
  • A Cthulhu statue is left to the tool cabinet. The Dreaming Dead
  • Read the diary page on the floor next to the tub. Arcane poetry It tells a story about taking action for your own life decisions which reflects Gara's topic and mentions the ingredient Water..
  • Exit back to the foyer.

Houser > Foyer

  • Walk downwards until you reach the main entrance of the house. Look at the door and the windows.
  • Click the two Cthulhu statues on the wall. The Dreaming Dead
  • Walk up the stairs.
  • Look at the door and at the blue light shining from below the door.
  • Read the diary page on the dresser. Arcane poetry It tells a story about burning a witch which reflects Barbara's topic and mentions the ingredient Ash..
  • Walk down the stairs and find Roots in the pot with the green plant opposed to the cellar door.
  • Walk backwards till the end of the corridor and go into the kitchen.

House > Kitchen

  • Look around and find the cooking pot on the shelf and a bag of salt in the cabinet.
  • Also take an empty jar (available only if not yet in inventory).
  • Place the pot on the stove.
  • Put the gas bottle below the stove.
  • A Cthulhu statue is on the shelf near the door on the right. The Dreaming Dead
  • Exit through the right-hand door.

House > Bathroom

  • Use the toilet to gain Relaxing Moment.
  • Find the diary page in the trash bin. Arcane poetry It tells a story about the benefits of hard work that can not always be seen immediately, which reflects Harry's topic and mentions the ingredient White Gold (Salt)..
  • If your health is not 100% (click on heart icon to see), use the sink to refresh.
  • Fill the jar with water.
  • Look in the mirror and exit to the door on the right.

House > Dining Room

  • Look at the fireplace and take some Ashes.
  • Continue to the left.
  • A Cthulhu statue sits above the door. The Dreaming Dead
  • Look at the table.
  • Look at the painting.

Old friends

The painting on the wall shows yourself with an old friend. It is Sam. Chris starts to remember about the real world and Sam. Also understanding Sam as friend gives a hint that the Wanderer is not a malicious person.

  • Walk back through bath and kitchen until you reach the corridor. Go through the door on the left.

House > Game Room

  • The last Cthulhu statue sits above the door. The Dreaming Dead
  • Look at the billard table and find the bone key in one of its holes.
  • Continue to the globe on the left and place the missing piece in it.
  • Read the diary page inside the globe. Arcane poetry It tells a story about let go burdens and fears which reflects Valerian's topic and mentions the ingredient sherbet..
  • Look at the clock.
  • Walk to the other side of the room and look at the painting and the dreamcatcher.

Closing Circle

The artwork in the gaming room resemble well known artefacts. Chris remembers where the journey started and connects this memory with the topic of ghost hunting, which is another hint towards the solution of the mystery.

  • Take the sherbet from the side table.
  • Go back to the corridor and open the door with the bone key.
  • Go to the kitchen.

House > Kitchen

  • Place all ingredients into the pot: Sherbet, Water, Ash, Salt, Roots.
  • Use the lantern to light the gas.
  • Drop the empty jar on the pot to fill it with Night Ale.
  • Drink the green glowing cocktail to receive spectral vision.
  • Look at the ground and note the number from the ink that appeared here.

Kitchen Riddle Solution

Hint: Simply count the numbers of glowing tiles.
Solution: 1-6-1

  • Go into dining room.

House > Dining Room

  • Look at the table and note number    20.
  • Go to Gaming Room.

House > Gaming Room

  • Look at the clock note number 108 from the clock's hands.
  • Go to Foyer.

House > Foyer

  • Walk up on the balcony and note number     5.
  • Walk into the cellar.

House > Cellar

  • Walk into the second room and note number   33 from the tool cabinet.
  • Go back into the first cellar room and find the glowing safe.
  • Enter all numbers found by clicking on digits. As some digits are locked, only one combination is possible for having all numbers together. Use leading zeros. Solution clockwise, starting bottom left: 033, 161, 005, 020, 108.
  • Take the key.

The actual ending now depends on your previous decisions during the game. See End game branching below for details.

End game branching

Spoiler warning

Strong spoilers below!
These spoilers are not hidden through formatting as this would require a masking of the whole text more or less...

The finale and the set of possible player choices in Episode 5 depend on decisions made in the previous episodes, which can be simplified to the alive-status of Barbara, Valerian and Gara.

The game ensures that there is always at least one of these three persons alive when reaching Episode 5. The most probable end situation is that Barbara is alive, but Valerian and Gara are dead. If Barbara and Valerian are both alive (Gara always dies then), the player has to choose one of them.

Situations and Decisions

Barbara is alive

A showdown between Barbara, Player and Wanderer happens inside the house. The player has to choose who to kill (and vice versa who to trust).

  • Killing the Wanderer: Chris does not find home into the world of the living (nor does he know that he's dreaming). Barbara becomes extremely dominant, living exactly that kind of suppression which she was suffering in earlier times herself. Both move to an isolated house. Chris loses his vitality and dies of exhaustion, his soul dissolves into the universe.
  • Killing Barbara: The Wanderer is in relief and guides Chris into the bedroom. Continue with Bedroom scene below.
  • Killing yourself: Chris' soul shapes into a butterfly. The Wanderer kills Barbara and takes Chris' butterfly into the bedroom where Chris' body (appearing as ghostly projection) is waiting. Continue with Good Ending below.

Valerian is alive

A showdown between Valerian and Player happens in the bedroom. In bed there is a ghostly projection of an enchained body (a projection of Chris' body in the living world). Valerian claims the body is the Wanderer and shall be killed (knowing that a return of Chris would mean the end of the demon's lifes).

  • Killing the body: Chris does not find home into the world of the living (nor does he know that he's dreaming). Valerian abducts Chris into the monastery claiming that this is a safe place forever. Falling back into a delirium of praying Valerian fully harbors his dogma of submission and joylessness. Chris cannot escape, finally tries also praying, but dies. His soul dissolves into the universe.
  • Killing Valerian: The Wanderer appears, praises Chris' decision, but challenges him to also 'take the final steps'. Continue with Bedroom scene below.
  • Killing yourself: Chris' soul shapes into a butterfly. The Wanderer kills Valerian and takes Chris' butterfly to his body. Continue with Good Ending below.

Gara is alive

Barbara and Valerian are dead. Gara can be found enchained to the walls for torturing in the basement of the house. Gara is nearly dead and advices Chris with last words not to care about this situation, but to find "his own way".

  • Unlocking Gara: Chris tries to free Gara, but Gara's dead body pulls Chris into a deep water hole in the ground. Chris is drowning, his soul dissolves into the universe.
  • Keeping Gara locked: Chris can move on to the upper part of the house. Continue with Bedroom scene below.

End branches (entered from a decision above)

Bedroom Scene

The bedroom is the room where the game started. The ritual circle of chalk that can be seen in the beginning of the game is drawn directly on the ground next to the bed where Chris' body is appearing as ghostly projection. The Wanderer, Chris and his body are present.

  • Killing the body: Chris cut the bridge to the living world. The wanderer, the house and everything disappears in gray fog. Chris is wandering through the fog, finally disappearing. His soul dissolves into the universe.
  • Killing the Wanderer: Chris killed the only guide back to life. He remains in the empty house which turns into more and more weird architecture. Finally Chris reaches the socket of the village founder from Episode 2. He climbs on the socket and turns into the missing stone statue. His soul dissolves into the universe.
  • Killing yourself: Chris' soul shapes into a butterfly. The Wanderer takes the butterfly to Chris body. Continue with Good Ending below.

Good Ending

Chris returns to his body and awakes. He finds himself bound to the bed, in a brighter reality of the bedroom. Sam appears in person next to the bed (no longer appearing as ghost). He welcomes Chris home, explaining that he performed an exorcism on behalf of his family. He will unfix Chris and bring him to his family.


Travel Memories 5

Find tracks into the future.

  • Look at the facade of the house.
  • Look at the painting in the dining room.

Arcane poetry

Read all pages of the Dream Diary.

  • Locations of the five sides: Cabinets in the entrance hall, cupboards in the gallery, in the cellar next to the iron tub, in the salon inside the globe, in the bathroom next to the sink.

The Dreaming Dead

Find 9 Cthulhu statues.

  • Locations: in the garden labyrinth near the exit, 2x above the front door, next to the cellar door in the foyer, in the basement exit next to the door, in the basement in the box next to the red tool cabinet, in the salon above the door, in the dining room above the door, on the Kitchen cabinet.

Unraveled Mystery

Kill all spiders hiding in the garden.

  • There are 4 spiders in the garden.

Relaxing Moment

Use a toilet.

  • The toilet in the house can only be used once every 30 minutes.


Use two keys inside the house.

  • Open the door to the dining room with the bone key hidden in the pool table.
  • Use the Night Key with Barbaras or Valerian's Prison.

Episode success: Pathfinder

Complete Episode 5.


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