Settings and Options

Select Settings... in Main Menu to customize the software's behaviour to your preferences.

Category "Configuration"


Changes localization language for all screen texts.

Limit Framerate (FPS)

Allows to limit the number of frames rendered on very powerful hardware to avoid visual artefacts. Options are:

  • Unlimited Disable limitations, the game will render with the highest possible frame rate for your system.
  • Limit to 60fps Default setting. Will try to render no more than 60 frames per second.
  • Enable VSync Try this option if you experience Screen Tearing.

Show Tutorial

When checked, some tutorial slides and instructions on how to play are shown at various points in the game.

Show Scene Exits in Hint System

Requires version 4.0 or later. When checked, trails to exit the current camera view will sparkle blue while CTRL key is pressed.

Automatically walk to distant Hotspots

Requires version 4.0 or later. When checked the player character will automatically walk to hotspots that are too far away. If not checked, a message appears that the hotspot is too far away. You have to walk to the hotspot manually to activate it in this case.

Show Audio Effect Description

A few audio effects are essential to storytelling in the game. When you play without sound, these important elements will be missed. When this option is checked, a textual description of important audio effects is shown while the sound plays.

Play optional Background Music

At some locations music is played in background. Music that is not essentially important, can be disabled by unchecking this option.

Show optional Effects

Uncheck to exclude some decorative effects from rendering which could help to increase performance on systems with low rendering power.

Enable feature XXX

This setting will only appear for game versions that support some special features like the ones unlocked by promo code. Check or uncheck to include or exclude those unlocked features.

Category "Web Services"

Social networks

Only on mobile. Click to open social media connection screen for connection with your Google Play account.

Check for updates online

Only on standalone distributions. When checked, the game will search if there is a newer game version available online. Software versions distributed via gaming networks like Google Play or Steam support this feature through their corresponding external frameworks. The option is therefore not available in game.

Category "Data and Maintenance"

Hide automatic savegame

When checked, the automatic savegame slot will not appear in the list of savegames. See savegame description.

Explore savegame path

Only on desktop. Opens the folder where savegame files are stored in File Explorer or Finder.

Reset configuration (exits session)

Settings and customizations are stored in the computer's registry. Click this item to reset them to factory settings. The game exits for doing so. You can restart the game to start with a fresh configuration.

Note: This action may be required for complete removal of the game, see uninstallation guides.

Note: Any promotional codes are reset too and have to be re-entered.

Note: Savegames are not changed or removed when resetting configuration.

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