Episode 3

The Voice from the Deep

Cover Art of Episode 3

Severed arms of an octopus are arranged in a star shape, reflecting both the nautical motif and Cthulhu and his awakening through the ritual arrangement of stars. There is also an allusion to the fossilized water nymph in the salt crust, which extends diagonally across the background.

Intro: The Deep Fall

In the monastery tower you and Valerian escape from the Wanderer only by jumping out of the window. In Episode 2, a view from the tower already indicates that there is a bay under the northern monastery walls. The two characters survive by jumping into the water, but the Wanderer has nevertheless noticed them. He tries to reach the two fugitives by throwing magic fireballs. While Chris wants to talk to the Wanderer, Valerian decides to flee. Even worse, projectiles fired from the monastery turn into ghost sharks inside the water.

  • Keep swimming to the right until the ship is reached. Be careful that none of the characters is touched by a shark.

Story Branching in Episode 3

The intro level can end in three ways:

  • If Valerian is bitten three times by a shark, he dies.
  • If the player character is bitten, his health decreases, which can lead to death and the end of the game.
  • If both survive Valerian will be part of the further story.

Wanderer's Targeting

The Wanderer shoots at a point between Valerian and you. A blue circle indicates the target point. To avoid injury, wait for the next shot and continue swimming when the circle appears on the water surface.


When your character dies his grave can be seen. It's the grave of Chris in real world if he does not make it out of his madness. Being lost in his imaginative world his body dies at some point and Sam will bury him, indicated by the shamanic ghost catcher on the grave.

On the horizon there is a shipwreck on which a person is standing. It is not exactly recognizable, but the two fugitives try to talk to the person.

  • Swim further towards the wreck.

The last shot of the Wanderer misses Chris and Valeria, and instead hits the person on the ship, who is fossilized.

Twilight Atoll > Coast

  • Look at the wreck in the distance.
  • Go over the stones to the wreck and look at the fossilized person.
  • Walk back to the beach.


If a knife from Episode 2 is in inventory, you can take and open the oyster from the dock immediately. Then you can dig through all the sand hills immediately using the oyster shell. Without the knife, the underwater labyrinth must be explored first.

  • Exit the scene to the left.
  • If Valerian lives: go to Valerian and talk to him about the fossil statue, the location and the Wanderer.
    Required for achievement Travel Memories 3
  • If Valerian is dead: go to the rock and collect his butterfly in the butterfly glass. If there is no glass in the inventory, it can be found during treasure hunt later.

Ambiguous revelations

Valerian's statements about the Wanderer reflect what has happened from the villagers' point of view, but at the same time they also describe the exorcism from view of the hunted spirits:

"Our lives were in order, everything had its place and everyone had his job when the murders started." also means: The spirits had just settled in Chris' mind and every spirit was busy commiting its dogma when the ghost hunter found and disturbed them.

"We tried to focus even more on our values in the hope that we could drive Him away." also means: Like most parasites, the spirits reacted to the attack with doggedness, hoping to keep Chris in their spell.

"But it didn't help. At first the Wanderer seemed blind, but with time his attacks became more and more targeted." also means: At first, Sam had to orient himself in the fog of Chris' world of mind and track down the ghosts. He succeeds increasingly better.

"We can only flee now and pray for our sins. Maybe then we will be released from this plague." also means: The spirits try to hide, to avoid being found by the ghost hunter.

Valerian and Gara

Valerian points out that Gara looks like a pirate. At first he expresses himself derogatory, especially as the idea of a free life contradicts his dogma of joyless submission.

  • Continue to the left along the beach.
  • Collect the starfish.
  • Look at the clouds.
  • Look at the cave at sea.
  • Swim into the cave.

Twiligth Atoll > Sunken Labyrinth

Dive through the labyrinth:

  • Right, right, down, down, left. Take the bottle with you at position 1.
    Required for achievement Aquanaut
  • Continue to the right, down, left, down. With a click on! an indication appears that the lower tunnel is flooded, so that you cannot continue at position 2.
  • Swim back, using two breathing breaks, into painted cave at 3. Look at the cave painting. Note the octopus in the middle, the three glowing stars and the two black placeholders.
    Required for achievement Aquanaut

Ominous premonition

The painting represents the resurrection of Cthulhu when a constellation of stars occurs. In humility, the inhabitants pay homage to the divine being, which also brings them to fall. The fact that Cthulhu later becomes the key to the realization of truth and fantasy which poses a threat to the spirits is indicated here .

  • Swim back and continue down to the left. Halfway you see the flooded grotto 6. Continue to swim down, over the lower bubble to the very bottom. Even at position 4 is no progress.
    Required for achievement Aquanaut
  • Swim up again, get air and swim down to the right. Get air in the lowest cave.
  • Click on the loose stones at position 5 so that the air can rise to the top.
  • Swim back and over position 6, which is accessible now. Swim up to the cave exit. Enter the house via the rope ladder.

Map of the Sunken Labyrinth
Map of the Sunken Labyrinth

Twilight Atoll > Lighthouse > Workshop

  • Look at and open the bottle that you found in the cave.
  • Look around in the workshop.
  • Take the key from the left shelf.
  • Look at the rope above and take a piece with you.
  • Look at the wooden planks and the cupboard.
  • If there is no knife in the inventory: Take the knife from the shelf in the center of the room.
  • Look at dried fish.
  • Look at the drawing of the star-shaped canal system (below the fish on the ground).
  • Look at the roof windows.
  • Look at the table and the rescue ring.
  • Read the excerpt from "Cthulhu's Call", which is found on the ground.
  • Look at the broom and the picture next to the door.
  • If your health is below 100%, you can fill it up at the water bucket.
  • Look at the drawing on the wall above the table. It shows how the octopus is caught: a bright stone is placed in a jug, a rope is attached to the jug and the whole setup is placed under water.
  • Go to the door. It is locked, use the key to open the door.

Puzzle Pieces

You got all clues to solve the riddle of Cthulhu now. The drawing points out that the puzzle has to be solved in the star-shaped reef. The fact that a constellation of stars is necessary to awaken Cthulhu results from the text fragment. Finally, the cave painting shows the correct position of the stars, with a reference to Cthulhu over his animal icon, the octopus, which in turn is actually part of the puzzle.

Twilight Atoll > Lighthouse > Workshop

  • Look at: The tower, the windows, the building itself and the fossils.
  • Leave the scene downwards.
  • From the lighthouse exit to the left, across the gulls, and keep going until you reach the dock.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Dock

  • Enter the dock, look at the mussels on the wooden posts and take an oyster.
  • Look at the shallow water to the left of the dock.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Valerian

  • Go to brother Valerian and talk to him about the oyster.
  • Drop the knife on the oyster to open it.
  • Talk to Valerian about the oyster to learn that it can be used as a tool. Talk to Valerian about the pearl.

Twilight Atoll > Coast

  • Walk along the beach and dig through all the sand hills using the oyster shell.
    Required for achievement Geologist
    • Some piles of sand are empty.
    • In some piles, enemies are hiding, which can be fought with the knife. Fighting increases the combat experience. If the enemies are ignored, they will later disappear on their own.
    • You can also find these items at random locations: a clam, a health potion (refreshes immediately), a gold coin, a dead crab, a stone, a clay jug, an empty glass (if not yet in the inventory).
  • Walk to the center of the island, the canal system.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Canals

  • Look at the water basins and the rotor blades.
  • Look at the deep water basin.
  • Try to start the rotor by clicking on the switch on the base.
  • Collect a flower from one of the bushes.
  • Walk back to the dock.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Dock

  • Combine jug and rope to build a trap.
  • Also put the pearl in the jug.

Gone fishin'

It is possible to catch the octopus even without a bead. However, it will take longer to catch the animal.

  • Drop the jug with rope and pearl on the shallow reef.
  • Wait until the rope moves.
  • Take the octopus out of the trap.
  • Go to the Gulls.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Seagulls

  • Look at the troubled sand.
  • Put the dead crab in the sand. Step aside to the edge of the screen and wait for the gulls to land again.
  • Scare the Seagulls.
  • Look at the guzzling gull and tear out a feather.
  • Continue to the right towards the star-shaped reef.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Star Shape

Now summon Cthulhu through a favorable constellation of stars. Remember the cave painting's star constellation and recreate it by using star-shaped objects. Select three of these items: starfish, clam, stone and flower.

Keep the Coin

The coin can be used too, as it has a star symbol on it. But keep the coin, to get the achievement  Reunion later!

  • Look at the pan in the middle as well as the pans on the star shape's arms.
  • Put a star object in the pan near the gulls. Put two star objects in the outer pan, on the water side.

Servant of the Great Old

The achievement  Servant of the Great Old requires that two stars lie on the water side, exactly as shown in the cave drawing.

  • Put the octopus in the middle pan.

Since Gara and Cthulhu are both creatures of the Sea, Cthulhu dissolves the fossil.

  • Pick the octopus back into inventory.
  • Walk to the gulls and look at Cthulhu in the distance.
  • Go back to the place where you swam to the cave at sea.
  • Go into the water, but swim to the left, opposite side of the cave entry. Keep going until you find Gara.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Sea

  • Talk to Gara about all the topics.

Nautical Glory

Garas presents itself with some cryptic titles that indicate the role of the sea system. The word "river" in "Cleft of rivers" does not only mean the literal river arm that fits the theme of the sea. Gara helps Chris to question the illusory spirit world, which interrupts the flow of events. At the same time, the "binder of branches" ensures that this new course of things will be reunited as Gara will help Chris to find the way home to the real world.

The contrasting pair, cleaver and binder, plays on Gara's attachment to nature, in which everything always remains in balance. The last title "Child of The Dreaming Dead" is an allusion to the fact that just like Cthulhu, Gara is also a product of Chris' fantasy.

Relativity of the Universe

The ocean and cosmos mingle in both characters, Cthulhu and Gara. The sea is a symbol of the universe, an overpowering, disorderly creative force in which life arises, but also passes. On the role of the Walker as a murderer, Gara points out the relativity of this classification and thus gives a concealed reference to the forthcoming plot twist: Only from the point of view of the spritis the Wanderer is an evil threat, from Gara's (and ultimately Chris') point of view, he is also a savior.

Cthulhu's Role

Chris himself finds that Cthulhu is the manifestation of a fantasy figure and indirectly reflects that he must be in a fantasy world. Gara supports this by pointing out that all creatures are equally 'real': they are all a fantasy product of Chris.

Before you leave the scene, get the map of the channel system (Required for achievement  Channel Worker):

  • Combine the empty bottle with the octopus to get ink.
  • Give the ink bottle, the pen and the map of the island to Gara to get a double-sided card.
  • Swim back and walk to the canals in the middle of the island.

Twilight Atoll > Coast > Canals

  • Look at the Shining blossoms.
  • Look at rotating rotor blades.
  • Find the small Cave and talk to Valerian. (If alive.)

Valerian's Change

After Valerian witnessed the liberation of Gara, he gives clues to its identity as creature of the sea. Subliminally, indications rise that Valerian is receptive to the spell of the nixie. His previously negative opinion about the being is changing now.

  • In one of the basins, Gara is waiting. Open the locks so that Gara swims in the channel next to Valerian. Hint: The corresponding locks are marked darker in the double sided map in your inventory.

Siren Song

Valerian is enchanted by the song of the sea creature and falls in his blindness to death. Devoting his whole life to joylessness and renunciation, Valerian ironically finds his end in release and surrendering to the stream of emotions.

  • Collect Valerian's Butterfly with the butterfly jar.
  • Lock Gara into the deep pool (marked with a dark X).
  • Go to the sunken labyrinth again.

Twilight Atoll > Sunken Labyrinth

  • Swim to the left and follow Gara to position 2.
  • Swim through the air bubbles that Gara produces and reach the pirate cave.

Twilight Atoll > Sunken Labyrinth > Pirate Cave

  • You can now return all the marine items to Gara.
  • Walk left to the treasure and look at it.
  • Look up to the top above the treasure.
  • Drop the coin on the treasure pile.
    Required for achievement  Reunion
  • Dig the treasure pile.
    Required for achievement  Travel Memories 3



Dig through all the sand hills.

  • Open all 35 sand hill along the coast.

Travel Memories 3

Find clues as to what is true.

  • Talk to Valerian (on the coast) about the Wanderer.
  • Talk to Valerian (in the small cave) about Cthulhu.
  • Talk to Gara (at sea) about Cthulhu.
  • Look at the statue in the pirate cave.


Explore the entire sunken labyrinth.

  • Swim in the grotto with the bottle post.
  • Swim into the cave with the mural painting.
  • Swim into the cave halfway to the very bottom.
  • Swim into the cave to the lighthouse.
  • Follow Gara into the Western cave system.

Servants of the Great old

Summon the Pretemporal priest with an exact constellation.

  • Place the star symbols so that two stars lie on a water edge.

Channel workers

A card from the channel system.

  • Give the map from the bottle, the pen and the ink to Gara to get a second map on the back of the first.


Return the last lost coin to the pagan treasure.

  • Find the gold doubloon in the sand and put it back to the treasure in pirate cave.

Episode success: Way of Decision

Complete Episode 3.


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