Reference: Bath Mixtures

In the monastery's bath a jar can be filled with herbs to mix a bath additive. Poured into the tub with the Ghost Frog, the behaviour of the animal can be influenced.


Drop the jar on one of these four buckets:

  • Green: Mugwort: "Against poisons and wild animals"
  • Yellow: St. John's Wort: "Against ghost creatures"
  • Red: Rose Blossoms: "To tune beings friendly"
  • Empty: Mixtures can be discarded in the empty bucket. You will get an empty jar back in your inventory.


  • "Extinctio" - Annihilation
    3 green + 2 yellow - Kill the Ghost Frog
  • "Conciliatio" - Affection
    1 green + 1 yellow + 2 red - Make the Ghost frog an ally of the player and make sure he kills ghost spiders.
    5 Red - Puts the frog asleep for 1 minute so that it does not attack the player.
  • "Veneni" - Toxins
    5 yellow or 5 green - Hurt the player.

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