Episode 1

The Goldwasher and his Wife

Cover Art of Episode 1

The beetle used to trick the goldwasher is shown on Episode 1's cover. It symbolizes wealth and riches which is a core topic in this episode. The fact that the symbol was painted with blood on a rock wall refers to the ritual cave in which the main story begins.

Intro: The Rite

  • Click to confirm the first prayer.
  • Click on the piece of chalk to draw a circle on the floor.
  • Confirm the second prayer.
  • Click on the knife to pick it up.
  • Confirm the third prayer.
  • Click on the person to complete the rite.
  • Confirm the fourth prayer.

Four Spirits

The evocation of the spirits of the four cardinal directions origins in an Indian rite which should serve for the expulsion of demons. A relationship to the Indian is through clothing and Wolf mask of the actor given. The wolf also symbolizes the ability of tracking, reflecting Sam's search for Chris.

The Rite - explained

This scene is initially unknowingly related to the rest of the episode. It reaches out to the final scene of the game. At the same time the entire action line is opened: Sam performs the steps of an exorcism. This currently seen summoning is the climax of the ghosts' expulsion which is Sam's attempt to enter the mind of Chris, where he has lost himself.

Last Spell - explained

The last incantation that asks for the "cleansing of this body" is deliberately ambiguous. Through the scene's camera angle and by clicking on Sam, it initially appears that the body of the summoner is meant. In fact, it does refer to the body of Chris lying in bed in an yet invisible corner or the room.

Opening Credis

  • Credits can be skipped by pressing Escape key.

Illusion and Reality

Basic ideas behind the opening credits are ambiguity and the relativity of the perceived. Accordingly, images are lined up, showing a change in meaning by changing perspective. The safe house in the forest is surrounded by eerie creatures and a harmless pendulum clock turns out to be an eerie murder weapon. In truth a beautiful floral decoration is a burial addition on a departing corpse. Infamous monsters hide under the child's bed. Stylistically the design is based on a horror genre that often plays in the period of the nineteenth century. Obviously, there is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's "Pit and Pendulum", a classical representative of this genre.

Regarding storyline of the game, the opening sequence already indicates the key motifs. Chris's body is in a house all the time, but he walks through an eerie foggy world where demons hide (his mental world). Bloody murders disturb the world, which seems to be in tact otherwise, and provide for some corpses. The cut from corpse to bed visualizes that it's not about death, but that Chris is actually lying in bed fighting with his mental demons.

Amber Forest > Ceremony Cave

  • Look at the cage.
  • Look at the candles, they are out of reach next to the cage.
  • Look at the bundle of feathers on the right side of the cage.
  • Click on the bundle of feathers to break out a stick.
  • Drag the stick from the inventory to the candles. With this extension, you can now reach a candle and push it to the cage.

Indian Feather Decoration

Have you noticed that the feathers on the cage resemble the person's appearance in the summoning scene?

Strange Construction

The graphic design of the cage, which consists of branches, knitting and feathers, is inspired by dream catchers. The fact that Chris finds himself trapped in it reflects the storyline in which Sam tries to capture and bring Chris' spirit home. However, Chris is simply too strong and can free himself from the cage, yet unknowing that this was cage was meant to help him to bring him home.

  • After the cage has been burned by the candle, you can leave it by walking towards right out of the scene.
  • Go to the altar stone and see what is placed there.

Indian Feather Decoration 2

On the altar candles, a traditional blanket with embroidery and a bowl of smoldering herbs can be seen. An unknown symbol was painted on the rock wall.


The altar stone again indicates that it is a ghost hunt. Thus, the burning of sage is used as a means to appease and expel spirits, in order to clean a haunted place. Sam used the smoke to weaken Chris so that escaping the cage would become harder for him until Sam arrives to bring him home.

  • Exit the cave by walking the stone steps on the lower right screen area.

Amber Forest > Cave Exit

  • Look around and look at the cave exit, the trees in the background and the bush in the foreground to get to know the place.
  • Leave the scene to the right.

Blue Glow

The cave entrance stands out with a blue shimmer from the red brown tree environment and increases visual appeal of the scene. Some other computer games on the market also use this method to visualize action areas like portals.

Amber Forest > Wood Trail

This scene has four exits. In the north (top) lies the cave, in the south (bottom) the path to the house, in the east (right) the mountains can be reached and the river is in west (left) direction.

  • Look at the trees and the bushes.
  • First, leave the forest to the West (left).

Getting the achievement

Visiting the river area before any other forest area is essential to get the first achievement!

Amber Forest > River

  • Look at the trees, the opposite river side, and the stones at the bottom of the screen.
  • Walk down and stand next to the man.
  • Look at the man.
  • Talk to the man. Gains achievement Caveman.
  • Inspect the bag on the ground next to the man.
  • Take the rubber band from the bag.
  • Go back to the forest.

See everything

It is not obligatory to talk to the man first and then go to the house. However, if you talk to the woman first, you learn less details about the man, because the conversation with him then immediately refers to the meeting with the woman. Moreover, the achievement "Caveman" can only be acquired if the man is contacted first.

The Gold Washer

In the first conversation, you will learn important information about the character of the gold washer. According to his statement, he has no knowledge of either you or the cave. But he is not particularly interested in your business, as he is obsessed with his work and the prospect of material gain. You have no choice but to make yourself search for explanations.

Amber Forest > Wood Trail

  • Exit the trail to west (right).

Amber Forest> Mountains> Ascent

  • In the mountains, immediately turn left to the junction.
  • Look into the abyss.
    Required for achievements Yawning Abyss and Travel Memories 1.
  • Look at the opposite elevation.
  • Walk back and follow the mountain path further to the right rear.

Eerie wind

The howling of the wind matches the harsh situation on this barren mountain peak and symbolizes a harsh threatening world outside the forest.

Amber Forest > Mountains > Cloud Ground

  • Look at the cloud cover.
  • Look at the shrubs on the cliff.
  • Look at the car tracks on the floor.
    Required for achievement Travel Memories 1.
  • Follow the path further to the right.

Amber Forest > Mountains > High Cliff

  • Look at the peak of the mountain.
  • Keep Walking to the right.
  • Look into the gorge.
  • Go towards the tiny tree on the hillside, look at it and break out a branch.
  • Find the little path that leads down and walk downwards.

Stranded - explained

The abyss, which seemingly once led to a bridge, is symbolic of the lost entry and exit into this world. Both the fog and the abysses, which isolate the forest island-like, represent how Chris is lost in his world of mind, unable to find a way out on his own.

Amber Forest > Foot of the Mountain

  • Exit left towards the pile of rubble.

Amber Forest > Foot of the Mountain > Wreck

  • Look at the remains of the carriage.
  • Leave the scene to the right.


The tracks on the way at the bottom of the cloud indicate that the carriage has raced over the ledge into the abyss. If the main actor's memories are true, he seems to have survived this crash without prejudice.

Arrival - explained

To understand the symbolism of the destroyed carriage, the concept of overlapping worlds is essential. The world in which Chris moves is similar to the real world and sometimes even overlaps with it. However, as in a dream, some elements are different and some exist only in the fantasy of the dreamer. After numerous failed therapy attempts, Sam decided to lay the treatment of Chris in a particularly spiritual place. In addition, he brought apathetic Chris with the carriage over the reality-existing bridge to this place. At the sight of the fragments, Chris ' soul remembers vaguely that he was brought here with the carriage.

Amber Forest > Foot of the Mountain

  • Instead of climbing the mountain, leave the scene to the lower right now.

Amber Forest > Chestnut Crossing

  • Look at the rock portal you're coming from.
  • Look at the grass.
  • Walk right up to the middle of the path.
  • Look at the chestnut tree.
  • Pick a chestnut.
  • Leave the scene to the right, towards the house.

Amber Forest > Hermit House

  • Look at the house and the wood pile on the right behind the house.
  • Try to enter the house through the door, which will be prevented by the woman.
  • Go left towards the garden and look at the garden fence.
  • Go backwards into the garden.

Behind the House

Originally it was planned that the house owns a barn. However, since the house itself is an explorable place and the hermits have little fortune, a second building has been dispensed.

Amber Forest > Hermit House > Garden

  • Look at the vegetable bed.
  • Look at the woman who cleans the ground in front of the house.
  • Talk to the woman.

Home on the stove

Important information about herself, but also about the overarching action, is given by the Hermit Lady. The question of whether she knows you is not directly answered, indicating that she may not tell the whole truth. It is also clear that the woman is disturbed by her husband's work load, on the other hand she sees herself as a weak and helpless being. A poor self-image and low self-confidence are key features of this figure. Chris quickly senses her nervousness, which makes both come to talk about the Fog Wanderer soon. In Episode 1, this mysterious murderer appears only as a narrative to reinforce the impression of a latent, invisible danger.

  • Look at the skull hanging on the wall.
  • Look at the previously collected objects in the inventory (Branch, Rubber Band, Chestnut) by clicking each once.
  • Give each item to the woman individually to get more information about it.
  • Drag the rubber band on the branch to create a slingshot.
  • Show the slingshot to the woman (drag slingshot from inventory and drop on woman).
    Required for achievement Afternoon Chatter
  • Load the sling with the chestnut and talk to the woman about the loaded sling.
    Required for achievement Afternoon Chatter
  • Use the sling with the skull to get it.
  • Show the skull to the woman.
    Required for achievement Afternoon Chatter
  • Exit the garden.

Hints on what to do next

Look at the skull and give it to the woman to get a hint on what to do with it.

Finding her Husband

If you immediately speak to the woman for a second and third time, she will tell you where your husband is at the moment. This is a hint for players who have not yet discovered the river

Amber Forest > Hermit House

  • Walk right past the house.

Amber Forest > Valley Way

  • Walk the way upwards.
  • Look at the sky, the tree on the left and the house.
  • Leave the scene to the right to return to the forest.

Amber Forest > Wood Trail

  • Leave the forest westwards (left) to reach the river.

Amber Forest > River

  • Walk down to the gold washer.
  • Talk to him.
  • Look at the crow.
    Required for achievement Wisdom of the Crows
  • Go back to the wood trail.


The gold washer cannot reveal the identity of the Fog Walker, but his descriptions paint the image of an eerie murder figure. Although the man is aware of the Walker's threat, his gold rush is so great that he takes the risk of an attack. The reference to his eye light, which has become weaker over the years, is an indication that he can be outsmarted.

Amber Forest > Forest

  • Leave the forest to east (right) to reach the mountains.
  • Continue to the right to Cloud Ground.

Amber Forest > Cloud Ground

  • Throw the skull into the clouds.
  • Walk down to the carriage.

Amber Forest > Foot of the Mountain > Wreck

  • Look at the golden bug on the ground.
  • Take the golden bug.
  • Optional: You can go back the house first and show the bug to the woman.
    Required for achievement Afternoon Chatter
  • Go back to the river.

Amber Forest > River

  • Give the bug to the man.
  • Watch the two crows.
    Required for achievement Wisdom of the Crows
  • Follow him to the house.

Golden Illusion

The fact that the gold washer can be deceived with the golden bug is a symbol of the illusory character of material wealth.

Amber Forest > Hermit's House

  • Watch three crows sitting on the roof.
    Gains achievement Wisdom of the Crows
  • Try to enter the house.
  • Go to the garden.

Finale: The Hermits' Drama

The hermit's couple argue about different viewpoints and life goals.

An ominous Premonition

The stress of content increases tension step by step. In conversation, the situation is further exacerbated by indirect premonitions, for example in when the woman says that she already feels like a widow. In addition, the dialogue portrays the two characters again: The man puts everything into his work, while his wife sees herself as a helpless weak victim. After all, she can be persuaded by Chris to reconcile with her husband. The fact that it is too late to do is predicted by the call of the crows to be heard when the woman is heading into the house.

The wisdom of the Crows

Crows appear here as harbingers of calamity. The closer the threat comes towards the goldwasher the more crows gather around him. The drama of the couple is announced by the presence of the crows.



Tell the gold washer about the cave.

  • Talk to the gold washer before you talk to the woman.

Travel Memories 1

Find clues about how you got into the woods.

  • Look into the abyss at the mountain climb where the bridge is missing.
  • In the mountains, look at the car tracks at the bottom of the clouds.
  • Look at the wreckage of the carriage.

The wisdom of the Crows

Watch the Crows carefully.

  • Look at one crow on the river after talking to the woman.
  • Look at two crows on the river after you have taken the golden bug.
  • Look at three Crows on the house after the gold washer went to the house.

Afternoon Chatter

Talk to the woman about all the items you've picked up.

Show the following items to her:

  • Fork-shaped Branch
  • Rubber Band
  • Chestnut
  • Sling built from the branch and the band
  • Chestnut-loaded Sling
  • Skull
  • Gold Bug

Yawning Abyss

Looks into all the gorges.

  • Look into the abyss at the mountain climb where the bridge is missing.
  • Gaze into the abyss at the end of the high cliff.

Episode success: Richest in the Graveyard

Complete Episode 1.


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