Reference: Using Jars

Jars are a special inventory object, as they can be used multiple times for various purposes.

Glasses are taken with a simple click and can be found in the following places:

  • Shelf in Hermits' House
  • Box in the back village house
  • Shelf in the monastery kitchen
  • Bath house in the monastery
  • As a treasure in a sand dune on Twilight Atoll
  • On the kitchen cupboard in the house on the hill

There can always be only one empty glass in the inventory. If a jar is filled, the filled one as well as another empty glass can be carried. If you don't have an empty jar in inventory, you can always pickup one.

Jars are filled by dropping them to other objects. Example: If an empty glass is dropped on a water bucket, a glass filled with water will appear in the inventory.

If a filled glass is used, the glass is either completely lost or an empty jar remains in the inventory.

Jar usage examples:

  • Glass jars can be filled with water to create a portable health potion.
  • Butterflies can be caught in glasses. A glass can contain several butterflies.
  • In episode 2, jars with appropriate filling can be used once as weapon against enemies.

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