Data recorded by Test Apps

Software is given to a group of test users to identify errors and need for improvement. These test versions may contain extended data recording mechanisms which give valuable insights to developers.

This functionality is usally no longer present in the final release version.

Why is data recorded?

Recording of software behaviour is used by developers to improve the product and get insights about how users are working with the software. Data recording simplifies these test processes significantly.

Which data is recorded?

Recorded data primarely contains technical information about the system that test persons use to execute the software and tracking of software events, i.e. when and how players reach specific level progress in games.

Examples of recorded data

Which information is actually collected depends on the software product and its development status.

Personal data

For proper communication and feedback evaluation test versions may require user identification, i.e. through an e-mail address.

  • E-Mail address which was sent to us by the user for the purpose of participating in our software testing.
  • Device GUID, an alphanumeric identification number which is unique for the device that is used to run the software.
  • Any text, feedback or rating data which was entered by the user for evaluating the software.

Please note: Personal information is mainly used to identify which data fragments belong together and to communicate with the user in case of questions. The data is not shared or used for purposes other than those that the user agreed to for test participation.

Game Play data

Information about events, progress and interaction inside our software is recorded to help to understand how the software is used.

GamePlay data may contain information like:

  • Game identifier and version numbers of the software executed.
  • Level progress, including score, in-game inventory status and resources and information about when and how users reached these game situations and states.

What happens with recorded data?

Data recorded by test versions is transmitted to our webserver in Germany where it is stored and interpreted by us to understand how users work with the software.

See Imprint and Privacy Policy for detailed information about responsibilities and data privacy.

Deletion of data

If you have any concerns about your data or if you whish to delete personal data, simply contact us, by sending an email to

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