Test Versions Overview

Before a new version of the game is released, test versions are used to test the new version's stability and to find any errors. Some beta test may be public while some may be exclusive for registered testers depending on the software product.

Important things to know

  • Test versions are experimental and can crash. Make backups of your data and savegame data before switching to test versions.
  • Revisions in development may require a reset of the savegame which may cause a loss of your in-game progress. Although we try to avoid this, it might happen.
  • Test versions may expire. They are only meant to be used during development and may stop working at a specific point in time. You can update to a newer release then or uninstall the product.
  • Data may be recorded and submitted to our servers. During testing it is useful for development to track what is going on in the software. Further information on recorded data.
  • An internet connection may be required for the software to execute and communicate with the development servers.

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