Loading beta versions on Steam

For beta versions which are distributed through Steam channels users can switch between Beta and Stable channels anytime. An activated game license is needed to be able to participate in beta testing.

Opt in to Beta Channel

  • Open Steam client.
  • Navigate to Library > Games.

Screenshot Beta-Subscription
Screenshot Beta-Subscription

  1. Click with right mouse button on A Room Beyond in the list of games ...
  2. ... and select Properties.
  3. Go to tab Betas.
  4. Enter the beta unlock code that you received from us into the input field.
  5. Click CHECK CODE. You should see a message saying "Access code correct..." below the input field.
  6. Select "beta - Beta Testing" from the dropdown "Select the beta you would like to opt into" to update your game installation to beta version.

Opt out back to Public Release

You can switch back to the public release anytime by selecting "NONE" in the Betas-dropdown list. But be aware that beta and earlier releases may not be fully compatible. Keep backups of your savegames before trying betas!

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