A Room Beyond - Official Guide

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Developer annotated Walk-Through

Welcome to the official walkthrough guide for A Room Beyond. This document was compiled from lot of production notes and development sketches to provide you with not only a click path instruction sets, but to give in-depth insights about the backgrounds and ideas of the game's content and storyline.

Basic layout

Text in common formatting contains instructions on what to do.

  • Often bullet lists are used to summarize action sequences.

Additional Information

Points of Interest

Some things can be easily missed in the game. Pay attention to information shown in POI boxes like this one if you don't want to miss any detail.

Fun Facts and Background Information

Additional explanations and developer information is shown in fun facts boxes like this one. They are usually not required to play the game, but meant to give insight into the developer's ideas.

Spoiler Warning

To fully understand the game it is required to know the end from beginning on to understand designs and clues. However when you play for the first time you probably don't want to know the ending beforehand. To solve this problem, text that anticipates the solution of the mystery is masked.

This is a spoiler text: It may contain information that you don't want to know before you played through the game once.

If you play for the first time, it is recommended to simply skip the gray text consequently. Again: Be aware that the plot will be revealed immediately as soon as you start reading masked spoiler texts!

If you played before and want to go through the game again, then move your mouse cursor over the text to make it visible. You can also click on the text to lock the revelation.


Thanks for reading and playing the game!

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