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A Room Beyond is a 5-episode fantasy adventure game inspired by essential subjects of human existence.This title is a gloomy, but colorful criminal story around elements of spirituality, occultism and philosophy of life. Help the villagers to solve the mystery of the murderous fog wanderer and discover your own fate which seems to be oddly woven into the entire drama. Real successor of legendary games such as Alone in the dark 1, The Last Door, The 7th guest, Loom, The Dig, King's Quest 7, Myst, the work of H.P.Lovecraft and E. A. Poe.


When René Bühling got a first home computer in the mid-90s he was immediately fascinated by the idea of having a multimedia tool for adding interactivity to the graphic storytelling that he brought to life by drawing his own comic books before. The foundation was laid of many hobby projects, academic work and industry jobs which should come up in the following 20 years. However, over the years René's work drifted away from passionate projects towards more and more projects that seemed to comply with general societal expectations. The ever-present dilemma of deciding between supposedly secure income and a meaningful lifetime, caused an inner conflict that culminated at the time of finishing his PhD. René decided to set a new course.

Together with his partner Daniel, who reorganized his life after leaving the path of becoming a catholic priest, René started to think a lot about life. In addition to the study of spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Daniels work as a hospice chaplain also motivated René's inner discussion of a meaningful lifetime. In 2012 Bronnie Ware's book "The top five regrets of the dying" caught his attention. Inspired by these apparently essential life subjects René returned to his original passion and wrote the concept for the interactive graphic novel "A Room Beyond".

Production of the first episode started at the end of 2015 as a one-man project, funded by private investors. The production of four additional episodes to complete the story line is scheduled for 2017.


  • Episodic chapters
  • 2.5D Design
  • Pixel Style
  • Simplified control
  • Multi-layered narrative
  • Depictions of violence against humans and animals
  • Creepy atmosphere.


René Bühling

Release Date:
Episode 1: November 2015
Episode 2: March 2016
Episode 3: Winter 2016
Episode 4: Spring 2017
Episode 5: Summer 2017

Steam (PC & Mac)


Episode 1: Free
Episode 2-5: One-time purchase, see Steam


Rated T
Rated T


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About the Developer

"Technisches Atelier Dr. Bühling" is an indie studio engaged in design, creation and marketing of entertainment software were artistic design meets technical functionality. Their game design focus is on visual storytelling and digital narratives mostly placed in fantasy or horror settings.The studio was founded in 2015 by René Bühling, PhD, who worked on international projects in industry, research and education before. It is located in the Bavarian city Gundelfingen in southern Germany. Our games portfolio includes research and industry projects as well as in-house productions. Browser games and Flash based productions behind us, we focus on development in Unity for desktop and mobile devices today. In addition to casual games, interactive storytelling and digital narratives are our core interests. This is also reflected in our current project "A Room Beyond", a dark fantasy adventure inspired by literature and art in the genre of Victorian Horrors.


Development, Design and Direction

René Bühling





Michelle Lewis
Level Up Translation

Spencer Bambrick
Kevin MacLeod

Marketing 4 Indies (Note: no longer active)

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